Our Konjac Face Puffs have quickly become a client fav!  Made from the Asian Konjac plant, our Konjac Face Puffs are rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E, proteins, fatty acids, lipids, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.  Also, Konjac has the most amazing soft texture like jelly which is perfect for skin and cleansing.  Because of all these benefits, the Japanese have been using Konjac sponges to bathe babies for over 100 years!


Our Konjac Face Puffs are great for acne prone skin.  It is a great daily scrub, perfect for removing blackheads.

Experience soft, gentle exfoliation which leaves your skin silky smooth and
extremely clean without any irritation or dry-outs.  Konjac Face Puffs are great for sensitive skin and perfect for babies.


They will give you better, faster and more effective deep-cleansing results.
It removes dead skin cells and dirt on your skin without irritations or breakouts.

Using Konjac Face Puffs is a great way to unclog your pores as the natural fibers remove dead skin cells, dirt, dust and oil from your skin.  Konjac Face Puffs can also remove stubborn make-up products, sunscreens,
as well as micro-dust that sticks to your skin and is difficult to remove.

Having unclean, clogged pores will result in having blackheads, whiteheads or breakouts on your skin.  Konjac Face Puffs will help you to remove blackheads and whiteheads by cleansing your skin effectively, unclogging pores by removing dirt and stubborn skin or make-up products
which will eliminate some possibilities of having breakouts.

Konjac boasts a neutral PH, which will help balance your skin.  It will not damage the epidermis of your skin because Konjac is a naturally an alkaline plant!

Using Konjac Face Puffs daily will result in having a glowing, radiant skin.  Daily exfoliation will remove unnecessary dead skin cells and promote generating new skin cells.  Continue using Konjac Face Puffs and you will have healthier, younger, glowing skin.

Konjac Face Puff